Mercedes Sprinter Van Now With Eco-Start Technology

Posted on 11. Jan, 2011 in Mercedes

Does it take any expert a long time to put all detailed functions and specification of the particular model? Well as far as all things are concerned this is the reasons why experts are to provide all detailed information on the particular model. Road-works, Traffic lights, congestion and accidents while driving and you get stuck in such places, make you irritate, specially if you running for some important work. No doubt standing in crowded place, led the pollution from the engines also, loss of fuel economy. If you really looking for such things to avoid then get acquainted with Mercedes Sprinter Van simply turns on because of the introduction of Eco-start technology.

As far as Eco-start technology in been considered in the Mercedes Sprinter Van, there is switch button placed on the dashboard so that you can access the on and off system. When the switch is turn on, the monitors automatically grasp the speed and make it stationary at off mode. When the engine is in stationary mode, the driver can easily raised up the clutch in order to again grasp the speed with the help of Eco-Start up technology. The Eco-Start is not just an engine that is been use for the Start- Stop systems but moreover, it helps to save fuel efficiency. When the Eco- Starts is in off mode, it automatically stops the headlamps and main beam lights.

The Sprinter has been built up with high roof version that is quite impressive and in high value when compare with the Ford Transit model. The finish design on the panel is excellent. The side panels on the van offer complexity, and this is what worried the buyers. To the rear wheel arches, that has been extended in detail running line between the lengths. The mirrors that are been placed on the side are quite large in the Mercedes Sprinter Van and the indicators are placed properly in the mirror housing. This helps the indicators quite visible for the other road users. The body of the van offers amazing running lights in the van which is quite nice features available. The small- small things that are recessed with lights are in on mode; this makes the van widely seen on the roads.

Moving towards the cab and the seating position, I was quite amaze with the how they have introduce the seating on high. The seats are quite impressive, as they offer several options so to adjust the other facilities easily. There are two seating position that is available for the passengers. Further the cabin is quite large, which offers space in both the headroom and legroom areas. The ample pockets are been accessible for both the passenger as well as for the drivers; again the bench seats are over headed with the compartment. The Eco-Start is one of the most advanced technology that is been introduced in the Mercedes Sprinter Van. It is wisely said that, you get what you pay for and hence in Sprinter’s case, it holds truly.

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