Fiat Ducato Van – Popular with Features Alike Motorhomes

Posted on 04. Jan, 2011 in Trucks Buying Advice

The Fiat Ducato Van is more popular vans and is widely used similar to Motorhomes, because of the cargo space and facilities been offered inbuilt. The van shares with multiple engines and bodies along with the Peugeot Boxer and Citroen and hence comes in similar production of Sevel factory. As we go back in the previous model, yes we must say that it has come up with several changes and has taken the opportunity so as to expand tackle and range. There is no petrol options line up for the model A 4 tonne with the 17 cubic metre and run on single rear axle wheel of 3.5/4 tonne. All this make the Ducato van more in to the versatile carrying the perfect minibus, School bus, Motorhomes, Combination of both or else we can called it as Panorama.

The Fiat Ducato Van comprises of two mechanical categories such as 16” wheels comprising 3.5 – 4 tonnes, whereas other one 15” wheels in the range of 3,3.3 to 3.5 tonnes. The pay Load capacity of the trucks range from 1 – 2 tonnes, and the wheelbases includes 4035, 3450 and 3000 mm and vans with 4 lengths. The interior and exteriors length of the vans is from 5 to 6.5 m and from 2.7 to 4.1 m. It has got 187 cm for the load compartment interiors width, whereas the width between wheel archers is quite bigger than 142cm, along with 3 interiors from the height of 166 – 217 cm. The volumes of the 7 load compartments carry 8 – 17 m, whereas there are 3 several sliding doors and rear door that reduce the platform and ground level clearance of 53 cm.

The beauty of any things is the beholder for me at least, the high profile front bumper, the headlights, the exteriors are quite impressive. The drivers cab is fully equipped with standard facilities in the 3 way dimensions and comes with the option of armrest and lumbar adjustments. The seats are comfortable that offers wraparound options, covered with imitation, velvet and soft cloth. Even there is option for the height of the armrest and steering wheel so that the passengers traveling in the trucks will feel more comfortable. The passenger’s seats for the Fiat Ducato Van are available in dual or single, as per the specifications done by the customers demand.

The all new Dashboard in the trucks is fully equipped with two tone featuring dark grey for the inner body and grey for the outer frame. The Fiat is been designed by considering several controls, compartments, dials that are been arranged with various depths. Because of such features the dash board of the trucks offers amazing and gives 3D effect. The “Blue and Me” options is been mounted at the gear level so as to adjust the climate controls, along with radio controls on the panels. The exteriors lightning controls are quite impressive which provides you all the shades of the light while traveling. It also manages Trip Computer, Cruise controls, windscreen wiper and many more facilities.

The Multi jet engines 2.3 and 3.0 units offers 6 speed gearboxes, which is been differentiated depending on the various levels of torque. The 5 speed device that is been fitted to the 2.2 unit offers 100bhp. The Fiat Ducato Van receives standard safety features such as Load adaptive controls, Hill Holder, Hydraulic Brake Assistance, Anti Slip Regulation, Motor Schleppmoment Regelung, and many more.

Finally the Fiat Ducato Van is the perfect urban delivery vehicle that offers slightly less gear steps that is more reliable and excellent in nature. In general terms, the Ducato looks like an ambulance without sirens and headlights.

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