Limin solar street lamps are installed in sihe township, suqian city, jiangsu province

                                              date:2019-4-11 17:58:56 sentiment:

                                              Today, sihe township, suqian city, jiangsu province invested more than 100,000 yuan to purchase a batch of 7-meter solar street lamps in jiangsusmeier photoelectric technology co., LTD., which were installed and used in dazhuang village. The installation of solar street lamp brings convenience for the villagers to go out at night. It also makes dazhuang village become a beautiful scenery in sihe township and a shining star in the night in many surrounding villages.

                                              The DaZhuang Village installation of solar street lamps use efficient LED light source, sunlight as the energy, charge during the day, night lighting automatically, adopt light-control overtime control and of high and new technology such as control switch with the morning light, bright morning two hours convenient for those industrious villagers got up early to work, this batch of solar street light safety, energy saving, no pollution, only by microcomputer control, manual control, energy conservation and emissions reduction in rural areas, protect the natural ecological environment, promote the new socialist countryside construction has played a positive role, is popular among the villagers.

                                              In recent years, the village mainly through vigorously develop aquaculture, let the villagers live a happy and prosperous life, the installation of solar street light not only light up the villagers at the foot of the road, but also to channel farmed fish have the effect of guard against theft, this also let the village committee decided to intensify efforts to develop aquaculture, comprehensively promote the new energy development and utilization, promote the development of rural circular economy!


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