Chevrolet Kodiak – Real Work Trucks

Posted on 06. Jan, 2011 in Chevrolet

If you are offered to jump on any trucks that provides to jump on the wheel behind the medium duty trucks, then don’t over look the Chevrolet Kodiak. Though it has typically weighing of approximately 8500 pounds or even more than that. Depending on the outfit , these are the real work trucks that offers amazing commercial work duty for big leading companies. If you are living near by the city side or often travel to country side for transportation purposes, then these trucks help you a lot. On the back you can easily upload the heavy cargo boxes or even some stake beds, or if you have some loose materials that has to be dumped.

The Chevrolet Kodiak crew cab C4500 is available at $34, 086, including Allison Transmission and Duramax Turbo charged Diesel batteries. Even adding some of the customize features to enhance the performance of speed or any interiors the price tag can rise up to $48,678. The GM factory opens a new box for this crew that is fully equipped and decked, with outstanding pieces that are specialty of the Monroe Truck up fitter. This works as the platforms when they actually come in line, including style enhancing packages, comfort, performance and various options packages.

The truck bed offers slight variations from the previous model on a standard dualie bed of one ton, along with 30,000 pounds often shaped as gooseneck underneath in the hitch hidden. The Chevrolet Kodiak truck further adds air suspension of Ultra Ride, which replaces with two frames, located exactly replacing the rear suspension.  The trucks have improved a lot in terms of overall carrying load capacity while driving on the empty track. Even when you hit the trucks on the speed bumps, you will surprise that it offers quite impressive speed because of the controls in the drives. The trucks are well equipped with suspension seats, also offering six inches of shock absorbing travel belts.

The Monroe that has installed quite separate cab for the air suspension also includes additional airbags and shock absorbers. Some of the test failed while there were no loaded equipments placed on the back, as the drive somewhere got clumsy because of the empty space.  The heart of the trucks is an off-course engine which is same with Duramax 6600 in Chevrolet Kodiak, which again is similar to Sierra HD trucks and Silverado trucks.  Although they have installed the same versions in engines, it offers more power that tune in 350 Hp and torque momentum of 650 ft, usually the medium duty trucks offers same. Some of the Duramax engine offered 300 hp and torque level of 605 pound ft. You will surprise while driving around the corners or turns, just because of the Allison transmission it ran smoothly.

Now it’s time to talk about the Power strains in the Chevrolet Kodiak trucks which is designed to haul and carry the excess things of 20,000 pounds easily. The new software that has been installed in the trucks which determine what and how much loads a further are existed. The passenger bench seats, bolstered captain’s chair, and folded flat space for the headroom and legroom’s are quite spacious. Also, the DVD player, along with six CD disc changer and speaker are been upgraded in order to avail total entertainment features. Stretch out or lay out in the truck, two adults can be easily get fit in the back side easily and comfortably.

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